Kerry Blue Terrier Puppy Information

Super Dog, Bio Sensor, Socialization, Personality Testing, & Other Information

Super Dog - BioSensor

Beginning around the 3rd or 4th day we begin the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises or Super Dog program. This regimen combined with a rich environment that socializes and improves the performance and health of the puppy.

Puppies at Play on a Fall Day
Terriers are very active and love the outdoors.  Includes photos pups at 13 months and 17 weeks old. These two dogs illustrate the changes of a Kerry Blue Terrier during the first year. The most notable difference is the coat color. The coloring of a Kerry is a box of chocolates... You never quite know what the color will be of a mature dog and can be any shade of blue gray or gray blue from the deep slate to light blue gray.

Puppy Availability

We plan to have one or two litters a year and strive to produce Kerry Blue Terrier puppies with excellent temperament and conformation. Please contact us for current availability of puppies.

Puppy Personality Testing

At 7 weeks we evaluate each puppy using the Obedience Personality Test (OPT) developed by Stanley Coren.  The OPT is administered by a stranger and each puppy is graded by the observed behaviors and are an important benchmark for our program.

Name Game - The Story of the Colored Ribbons and Puppy Name Survey
On Sept 16, 2009 the "K" litter of Kerry Blue Terrier puppies was born...  On November 15th, 2009 we setup an internet voting poll so people could vote on their favorite 'K' Name.  This is the first time that Kerry Blue Terriers or other breed of dog were named using social networks over the internet.  Nearly 50 people from around the world casted 188 votes to help us name our puppies.


We believe that the benefit of ESS is the foundation that contributes to the behaviors and health of adult dogs, and we strongly endorse the use of ESS, socialization in a variety of environments, and puppy testing. These processes and methods create new paradigms in breeding and raising great dogs.

Puppy Socialization

Our pups develop their personalities by being handled frequently by strangers & children, exposed various environments, socialized with other dogs & their littermates, & life inconveniences of grooming, ears cleaned and nails clipped.

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