Kerry Blue Terrier Puppy Name Survey

We reference all of our litters with a letter and in alphabetical order; i.e. First Litter 'A', Second Litter 'B', etcetera.  Each puppy from that litter will have an American Kennel Club (AKC) Registered name that we select that starts with "Diana's" and followed by the name of the puppy starting with the litter letter; e.g. "Abbey" was born from our first and "A" litter and was named a Diana's A-Legacy of Hope.


Ribbon Game
At birth each Kerry Blue Terrier puppy is assigned a ribbon color: first born red, second blue, third white, fourth yellow, fifth green, sixth purple and seventh orange.  If we have more than seven puppies we get a little more creative, but we have all the ribbons above ready to go at whelping time.  (Aside note: We x-ray the mother 5 to 7 days before delivery so we know how approximately how many puppies to expect at birth.)



Name Game
The AKC allows names that are (36) thirty-six characters.  Our names will have "Diana's' as the kennel name leaving a remainder of (28) twenty-eight characters. (Spaces between words, apostrophes and hyphens are counted.)

All the names below follow the AKC naming rules and conventions.  Our 11th set of puppies is the 'K' litter and all names start with the letter 'K.' AKC allows names that are (36) thirty-six characters.  (Aside Note: AKC is testing a pilot program that allows for the registered name of a dog to contain up to (50) fifty characters. An additional $10 fee will be incurred when more than (36) thirty-six characters are chosen.)

Link to AKC Naming Rules.

A Few Good Names
For the 'K' litter we started by combining various phrases and combinations of words that started with the letter 'K' from using many different sources and came up with a list of over 2,500 names.  We then sort through the names that best fit the breed, our kennel, and the litter's background.


Many of our dogs will never be shown in conformation or any of kennel club performance, but we name them to that standard.  We try and picture what that name would look like on a pedigree, show catalog, and or certificate.  The AKC (American Kennel Club, USA) show superintendents capitalize every letter.  We consider also try and make the name memorable or easy to member.


'K' Litter Names
On Sept 16, 2009 Ch Diana's A Legacy of Hope - 'Abbey' and Ch Irisfingel Blue Badge - 'Finnegan' had puppies; 2 male and 3 female puppies.  On November 15th, 2009 we setup an internet voting poll so people could vote on their favorite 'K' Name.  The poll was up for one week Saturday, November 14th through Sunday November 22nd 2009.  We used e-mail list of friends and FaceBook post to with links to our website to vote.  As far we know this is the first time that a Kerry Blue Terrier litter of puppies or other breed of dog 3 were named using social networks over the internet.


Nearly 50 people from around the world casted 188 votes to help us name our puppies.  Below are the results as a percent that voted for each name:
DIANA'S KELTIC WARRIOR - 25 out of 47 (53%)
DIANA'S KINDRED SPIRIT - 23 out 47 (49%)
DIANA'S KING OF HEARTS - 16 out 47 (34%)
DIANA'S KEY TO MY HEART - 14 out 47 (30%)
DIANA'S KISS ME IM IRISH - 13 out 47 (28%)
DIANA'S KIT AND CABOODLE - 13 out 47 (28%)
DIANA'S KEEPING IT REAL - 9 out 47 (19%)
DIANA'S KEY TO THE LEGACY - 9 out 47 (19%)
DIANA'S KINETIC ENERGY - 9 out 47 (19%)
DIANA'S KEEPSAKE COPY - 7 out 47 (15%)

Introducing the 'K' Litter Names by Birth Order and Ribbon Color:


The first born red ribbon puppy is Diana's Keltic Warrior Queen - 53% - "Maggie" - The Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic history, folklore and tradition have always had strong women heroes. . .  We feminized her name by adding "Queen" to "Keltic Warrior" make it fit for Maggie.  Maggie will grow in to her name and be a great warrior queen.  Maggie's home is Houston, Texas (USA).


The second born blue ribbon puppy is Diana's Keveen Anam Cara - "Pal" - Gaelic for "Handsome and Beloved Soul Mate" a loose translation for Diana's Kindred Spirit (49%).  Pals personality and sensitivity will become the beloved soul mate to his new family.  Pals home is in Corpus Christi, TX (USA).


The third born white ribbon puppy is Diana's Key to My Heart - 30% - "Shelby" - All of the personality traits are keys that will allow her to unlock all the hearts in her life.  Shelby's home is Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas (USA).


The fourth born yellow ribbon puppy is Diana's Knick Knack Paddy Wack - 36% -  "Xena" - David Poynter, Abbey's Owner, is keeping a puppy from her last litter.  Xena's name embodies her mother playful spirit of a puppy.  Xena's home will be here in Wichita, Kansas (USA). 

The fifth born green ribbon puppy is Diana's King of Hearts in L A Blues - "Jake" - We added "In L A Blues" to "Diana's King of Hearts" (34%) to incorporate his new home in Loxley, Alabama (USA).  Jake has a large and soulful heart.  (L A stands for Lower Alabama.)   Jake will join the cohort of all the great legendary bluesmen of Lower Alabama.

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Diana's Kerries, Kerry Blue Terrier, Puppies, Kerry Blue Puppies
First Born Red Ribbon Puppy - Diana's Keltic Warrior Queen - "Maggie"
Second Born Blue Ribbon Puppy - Diana's Keveen Anam Cara - "Pal"
Diana's Kerries, Kerry Blue Terrier, Puppies, Kerry Blue Puppies
Third Born White Ribbon Puppy - Diana's Key to My Heart - "Shelby"
Diana's Kerries, Kerry Blue Terrier, Puppies, Kerry Blue Puppies
Fourth Born Yellow Ribbon Puppy - Diana's Knick Knack Paddy Wack - "Xena" is taking a nap with "Pal."
Diana's Kerries, Kerry Blue Terrier, Puppies, Kerry Blue Puppies
Fifth Born Green Ribbon Puppy - Diana's King of Hearts in L A Blues - "Jake"


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