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Hypoallergenic Report, Herding Dog, Kerry Blue Terrier Info on YouTube & Other Information

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   Holistic Approach to Raising Pups 

We believe that the benefit of ESS is the foundation that contributes to the behaviors and health of adult dogs, and we strongly endorse the use of ESS, socialization in a variety of environments, and puppy testing.


Is the Kerry Blue Hypoallergenic?


We cannot say that Kerries are hypoallergenic. All individuals are different and have a wide variety of sensitivity to allergens. We also believe that sometimes people are sensitive to dog saliva, not just allergens born by the dander. If you know that you are allergic to dog saliva, it is likely that you could have some allergic reaction to Kerry.

"Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim."


Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz

1864 - 1936 The German breeder who is credited with having developed the German Shepherd.

Herding Dog: Xena’s Introduction to the AKC Herding Instinct Test


Kerry Blue Terriers as a herding dog have been accepted to participate in American Kennel Club Herding Tests and Trials.


On Saturday, April 10, 2010, David Poynter owner of Diana's Knick Knack Paddy Wack introduced "Xena" at six months of age introduced her to animal stock to test her herding instinct.

Kerry Blue Terrier Info on YouTube


Sean Delmar, President of the Irish Kennel Club, is interviewed at the 2009 Crufts Dog Show discusses the Kerry Blue and the eight recognized Native Dogs of Ireland.  Provides a historical perspective of Native Dogs Ireland, terriers, and the Kerries.  Interesting discussion about what breed is the National Dog of Ireland.

An interview with an owner of a Kerry Blue Terrier at the Crufts Dog Show.  The Kennel Club - Vulnerable Native Breeds

"Our Values support breeding dogs that are excellent companions...


A dog will be a companion much longer than it will be a show dog."

- Diana Thompson.