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This page last updated on 05-21-2011.

The Register of Merit (ROM) is awarded by the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club (USKBTC). The USKBTC is the breed club recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).


The ROM is a very prestigious recognition for dogs that have contributed to the Kerry Blue Terrier (KBT) breed through their progeny. The title of ROM shall be awarded annually to the sire that has produced five AKC champions or four champions and a fifth published AKC titled get, and to the dam that has produced three AKC champions or two champions and a third published AKC titled get.




CH Paxon's Blue Diamond ROM - "Hope"

CH Paxon's Blue Diamond - "Hope" received a ROM from the USKBTC recognizing her life time contribution to the KBT breed. Hope has produced three AKC Champions of record. 


We are very proud of Hope.  Hope is retired from breeding and showing and is residing at Diana’s Mom’s house with her Granddaughter CH Diana's Caught In The Act – “Spirit.” 


Her conformation, type and temperament continue to contribute to the breed. 


Her Great Grandson GCH CH Diana’s Glory of Deaglan is an American and Canadian Champion, Best in Show wins in America and Canada, Multiple Group wins and ranked top 10 KBT Breed and All Breed KBT, and was one of the first 5 KBTs to recieve an AKC Grand Championship.


More Information on Deaglan.


Below are her 1st generation progeny that contributed to her ROM recognition:

CH Diana's A Legacy of Hope


DOB: 5/30/2002

Sire Ch Fellbrin's Irish Rum-Runner "Rummy"
Owner: David & Teri Poynter


CH Fellbrin's Hope Of Diana's "Chesney"

DOB: 5/30/2002

Bitch Female
Sire Ch Fellbrin's Irish Rum-Runner "Rummy"
Owner: Fern Rogers


CH Diana's Destine For Fame


DOB: 04/04/2005


Sire Ch Diana's Blue Boy "Sir"
Owner: Marlyn & Pat Johnson

HOPE - CH Paxon's Blue Diamond ROM


Register of Merit (ROM)

CH Paxon's Blue Diamond

DOB: 7/19/1999

Sire: CH Paxon's As Good As It Gets "Trevor"
Dam: CH Paxon's Kylmore Bb Wby "Lucy"
Owner: Diana Thompson

Abbey has Qualified for the USKBTC Register of Merit in 2011.

ROM expected 2012

CH Diana's A-Legacy of Hope

DOB: 5/30/2002

Sire: Ch Fellbrin's Irish Rum-Runner "Rummy"

Dam: Ch Paxon's Blue Diamond "Hope"
Owner: David & Teri Poynter
Breeder: Diana L Thompson
Diana's Kerries "A" Litter

CH Diana's A-Legacy of Hope - "Abbey" has qualified for the ROM from the USKBTC recognizing her contribution to the breed of Kerry Blue Terrier (KBT). 
"Abbey" is daughter to "Hope" and is living up to her name "A Legacy to Hope"... Abbey has produced three AKC Champions and a dog that have recieved a herding title. 
This ROM represent two generations to not only achive status of Champions, but also produce Chamipons.  Abbey has several other puppies still working towards AKC Titles.
Below are Abbey's 1st generation progeny that contributed to her ROM.
Abbey Has Produced Three AKC Champions:
CH Diana's Caught In The Act "Spirit" - RN06616306
CH Diana's Future Beginnings "Darby" - RN10528804
CH Diana's Keltic Warrior Queen-"Maggie" - RN199219/01