Our Values

We breed for conformation, temperament, and performance. It is our belief that breeding for these characteristics complement each other to create a well-rounded dog for the home, show, obedience, and agility. The Kerry Blue Terrier is an excellent breed to accomplish these goals.

Selective breeding is only part of the equation to create the perfect KBT. We believe that the Kerry must have socialization and training from the day it is born. We utilize a comprehensive socialization regimen to develop the personality and temperament for each puppy. The puppy regimen practiced by Diana's Kerries establishes a foundation that the owner can continue with additional socialization and training.

We believe that a Kerry Blue Terrier is first and foremost a pet companion.  Next, if they have the conformation and competitive desire they become a show dog and compete to become a show dog? And Champion.  All of our dogs that are bred are first companions, second champions and third parents.

We expect a commitment from the owners of our Kerry Blue puppies to continue socialization and obedience training. This is a high level of commitment to the Breed and the puppy. We realize that many people do not have the patience or the time to commit to a Kerry Blue Terrier, but for those that do, a well-rounded companion will reward them for many years.

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"Our Values support breeding dogs that are excellent companions... A dog will be a companion much longer than it will be a show dog," Diana Thompson.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Diana's Kerries is committed to Conformation, Temperament and Performance.
- Diana and David Thompson