Report Date: 04/20/2014

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
CH Diana's Knick Knack Paddy Wack

Name:CH Diana's Knick Knack Paddy Wack
AKC #:RN199219/04 06-13Breed/Variety:Kerry Blue Terrier
Birth Date:09/16/2009Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Blue & Gray
Breeder(s):David J Poynter/Teri Poynter
CH Diana's Knick Knack Paddy Wack
RN199219/04 06-13
Blue & Gray
GCH CH Irisfingel Blue Badge
RN145842/01 04-09 (Spain)
AKC DNA #V543403
Aran Enniskeen
ENCI TR086083
Louisburgh Tur Ceatha
KFT 12/10429
CH Louisburgh Danny Boy
RM041923/01 04-93 (Ireland)
Blue & Silver
Louisburgh Dooeega
KCR Q0095838Q03
Aran Bailebrigin
ENCI TR029900
Clanciarrai Stormer
ENCI TR020009
Nostaw Bo Didley
ENCI TR01468
Aran Feeny
LOE 1255849
Lescareiot Gorgeous George
KCR AA00204901
Dasumianco Little Ceasar
Nancy Spain
KCR T2007402Y02
Aran Enniskerry
ENCI TR086087
Louisburgh Tur Ceatha
KFT 12/10429
Aran Bailebrigin
ENCI TR029900
CH Diana's A-Legacy Of Hope
RN004718/02 03-05
CH Fellbrin's Irish Rum-Runner
RM155498/01 10-99
Slate Blue
OFA73F AKC DNA #V180334
CH Pot'o'gold's Luck O The Irish
RM036340/01 08-93
Blue & Gray
OFA26F AKC DNA #V30373
CH Cashelmara Juice Of The Barley
RB194003 07-89 (Canada)
Blue & Gray
CH Gaymar's Misty Blue Diamond
RA932529 10-87
CH Fellbrin's Passing Fancy
RB262721 07-94
CH Fellbrin's Rebel With A Cause
RB169127 04-89
CH Fellbrin's Fancy Free Of Falin
RA605274 05-85
CH Paxon's Blue Diamond
RM280283/07 08-02
Blue & Silver
CH Paxon's As Good As It Gets
RM254429/10 09-99
Blue & Black
AKC DNA #V62686
CH Paxon's Lucky Charm O'Rockwell
RM220294/02 12-98
AKC DNA #V154608
CH Paxon's Iron Maiden
RM120412/02 07-97
CH Paxon's Kylmore BB Wby
RM202816/01 09-99
Blue & Black
CH Kitehawk's Black Tie Affair
RM157407/01 10-96 (Canada)
Blue & Black
OFA44G AKC DNA #V62684
CH Paxon's Bonnie Blu Wby Shade
RM087626/04 06-97
Blue & Black

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